SemiStar Corp is a privately owned company that provides comprehensive technical and business development solutions in high-tech manufacturing and research, with applications in the semiconductor, MEMs, biomedical, nanotechnology, solar, LEDs sectors. More specifically, SemiStar Corp. specializes in providing high quality  reconditioned semiconductor equipments and express spare parts delivery worldwide.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, our experienced management and engineers are dedicated to ensuring optimal quality and customer satisfaction through a timely support system. Our team is committed to being your long term business partner to help you achieve your business goals.

Hot Products:

(1) STS ICP/RIE;  (2) AG Associates RTP;  (3) Temescal Evaporator Sputter;   (4) TES Evaporator Sputter;

(5) MRC Sputter;  (6) Perkin-Elmer Sputter;  (7) Lam Research Etcher;  (8) Oxford RIE;  (9) PlasmaTherm 

(10) Branson/IPC;  (11) EG Probe;  (12) HP Tester;  (13) Matrix;  (14) Tegal;  (15) Wafer Carriers / Susceptor